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The nature of industrial businesses mean the risk of fire is much greater than in an ordinary domestic or light commercial setting. As such, the team at Simat have an in-depth knowledge of smoke and heat detectors that can be installed to greatly increase safety for your business.

What’s more, our range of professional accreditations means we’re capable and comfortable working in every conceivable industrial setting.

What’s Right for You?

UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have an appropriate fire detection system. While domestic and small commercial properties will often only need a stand-alone audible device, industrial workplaces almost certainly require more.

Knowing exactly what the law, your insurance company and any professional accreditations require can be a tricky area – that’s why the team at Simat are always happy to discuss your premises and requirements in greater detail without any obligation.

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Fire Alarm Grades and Categories

In a broad sense there are two main types of smoke or heat alarm system. The first is designed purely to protect the life of people using the premises (designated ‘L’) – and the second is designed to go above this requirement, also protecting property (designated ‘P’).

Life Protection

The level of life protection required depends on the number of people who access your premises. Generally, industrial properties will require a system that has a number of manual call points as well as the smoke and heat detectors.

Depending on the use and layout of your premises a greater level of detection may be required – with addressable systems capable of pin-pointing the location of the heat or smoke and allowing you to exit the premises accordingly.

Property Protection

While people in your premises are the priority, industrial businesses often also need to ensure that their property is also protected from fire – especially where parts of the building hold potentially dangerous substances.

A particular level of ‘P’ designation will be decided upon based on your specific requirements – and often the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive and your insurance cover provider.

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Making Sense of What’s Required

It’s not uncommon for a business to feel overwhelmed by the choice of smoke and heat detection systems – but it doesn’t have to be hard work.

At Simat we work with you in a systematic fashion to understand your exact requirements – before putting together a complete picture of what you will need from your system. By doing so we work within your budget to make sure your business and people are completely safe.

Contacting Simat about Smoke and Heat Detectors

It doesn’t matter where you are in the process of deciding on smoke and heat detectors – we can help. From the initial assessment and product recommendation – through to installation and the development of a maintenance schedule, we’ve supported a huge number of businesses in Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire and the North West to do the same.

To talk to us in business hours don’t hesitate to call on 01204 400 696. Alternatively you can email us directly on – we’re always happy to discuss your requirements.

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