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If you’re a commercial premises with a sign showing your name or logo, our sometimes gloomy British weather and dark evenings mean you’re likely to need it illuminated for maximum impact.

At Simat, we have fitted sign lighting for countless businesses – and can supply and install a massive range of excellent lighting products, helping you stand out from the crowd. Our experience in the area means we can help you choose the right solution; with effectiveness, energy efficiency and your budget in mind.

What kind of Sign Lighting is available?

The range of possible lighting options is almost as diverse as a company’s logo or name! Whatever it is you wish to have lit up, there’s a solution that will fit perfectly.

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Generally, sign lighting fits into one of four categories:

LED Sign Lights

LED lighting technology has become more and more cost effective in recent years – meaning stunning results can be had while cutting your electricity costs when compared to more traditional lighting options.

LEDs are available in a huge range of colours and design options and are most often used in an up-lighting or down-lighting manner.

Solar Sign Lights

As the name suggests, solar sign lights use a specialist LED with a circuit that is charged by daylight and represent a fantastic green option for your business or workplace.

Again, developments in the technology mean that solar power is now a legitimate energy source – with a variety of illumination settings – from 4W-12W, depending on the required level of light. The used of LEDs makes the design, colour and length of the lighting flexible too.

T8 Sign Lights

T8 sign lights are also referred to as ‘trough’ lights, owing to the look of their design. T8 lights use fluorescent tubes and often represent the most cost effective way of illuminating your shop front or signage.

Spot Sign Lights

Spot sign lights focus their light on one specific point – which might not be ideal for all your signage needs, but comes in handy when you have a more specific lighting requirement.

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Other Sign Lighting

While the varieties above are the most popular – and therefore the type that we most commonly supply and fit, we find businesses are unique – and therefore have unique requirements.

From illuminated menu boards to huge stand-alone illuminated signs – if you have a requirement, the depth of our commercial electrical knowledge means that we’re certain to be able to offer the perfect solution.

Working to suit your business

Working around your premises front often means obstructing or obscuring entrance ways or shop fronts – not ideal when you have staff and customers coming and going. We understand that your business doesn’t stop for electrical work to be done, therefore, the team at Simat are happy to work around you – even if that means your sign lights are fitted outside normal working hours.

Contacting Simat about Sign Lighting

Don’t hesitate to get in touch – whether you’ve got the perfect sign lighting solution in mind – or you’ve got a sign lighting problem that you need some expert advice to solve.

You can always expect a quick and professional reply – whether you email us on,  or call us on 01204 400 696.

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