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If you’re looking for security lighting for your domestic, commercial or industrial property in Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire or the wider North West – Simat Electrical Contractors have the experience and qualifications to supply, install and maintain the perfect system for you.

What is security lighting?

Security lighting is designed specifically to illuminate otherwise dark areas of your property – the kind of areas that criminals are likely to use, away from exposure to onlookers or CCTV cameras.

There’s rarely one security lighting solution that’s right for every property – that’s why we often visit a site without any obligation to offer some advice on the right kind of lighting for you – based on your needs, your property and the type of security you’d like to achieve.

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What kinds of security light can Simat provide?

Security lighting comes in a number of different designs and specifications:

  • Normal switched lights: These kind of security lights require a user to switch them on, ideal for lights that are staying on for a long time – or only need to be used infrequently, perhaps by security guards or homeowners.
  • Pressure sensor lights: These security lights are triggered by a pressure sensor, meaning the lights come on when a person or vehicle stands on or runs over an unmarked point or strip on the floor.
  • Motion sensor lights: A sensor designed to recognise movement in a confined area switches the light on when motion is detected.
  • Dusk to dawn lights: These lights are triggered when the surrounding ambient light drops below a certain level – and stay on until the light levels increase again, usually in the morning.
  • Combined lighting: Combined lighting systems have two triggers that activate the light – usually a dusk to dawn sensor and a motion sensor.

Should you install security lighting?

The police and crime prevention groups say yes – and studies show that light is one of the biggest factors in whether or not criminals think they can get away with a host of crimes – from vandalism and theft to drug use and assaults.

Light is especially important where yourself, your family, employees or members of the public may be in a position of vulnerability – for instance, entering or leaving a property or vehicle, using an ATM cash machine or crossing your property on a right of way.

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Although almost universally considered beneficial, a security lighting installation should carry a number of considerations by the property owner and installer, including:

  • Budget and running cost requirements
  • The angle of the light, the area it lights and any overspill into other properties
  • Suitable illumination power
  • Additional security measures that would complement lighting
  • Distractions to employees, vehicle or machine operators
  • Whether the installation position would mean lighting could be tampered with or disabled

The team at Simat have installed a huge number of lighting systems – both as standalones and as parts of larger security solutions. Whether your need is a small domestic security light – or a floodlighting security system for an industrial premises – we can offer expert advice.

Contacting Simat about security lighting

If you’d like to speak to one of our qualified electrical engineers about how we can help you with security lighting, don’t hesitate to call us on 01204 400 696 or email us directly at We look forward to hearing from you.

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