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If your business includes any form of warehousing, it’s likely that you’re aware what a significant factor lighting can be in such a setting – from health and safety considerations – to the often significant running costs.

At Simat, we provide warehouse lighting systems in Bolton and Manchester and throughout the North West. If you have a warehouse, there’s a strong possibility we could help you increase safety levels, improve productivity – and reduce your associated electricity costs.

Why is warehouse lighting different to ordinary lighting?

The nature of warehouse activity means lighting solutions have to be significantly different to other commercial installations.

Warehousing requires that staff and machinery can operate safely throughout the large space, items can be stored and picked with ease – and that the risk of accidents is reduced as far as possible while these tasks take place.

What’s more, the nature of the task taking place in a specific warehouse area can dictate different levels of illumination. For example, the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) suggest a significantly higher level of light in packing and dispatch areas when compared to bulk storage areas.

Virtually every different warehousing role requires a different minimum light level; getting them right with old lighting installations can be a challenge.

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What should light levels be in your warehouse?

It’s likely that there are few warehouse lighting solutions that are identical – simply because of the diverse range of tasks taking place across different business premises. The team here at Simat approach each warehouse lighting system differently, looking at your team’s tasks – along with the level of light that’s required for each.

If you’re not sure how your warehouse should be lit – we can help – and in doing so, make sure you’re compliant with health and safety law, along with any insurance requirements too.

What happens when warehouse lighting isn’t right?

If your warehouse lighting is aging, there’s a strong possibility that it doesn’t meet the required light levels – and in addition, when warehouse space is altered or the use of space changed, lighting is often misaligned with aisles and racking – again, lowering light efficiency.

While this might not appear to cause problems, studies show that inadequate lighting can significantly contribute to accidents and incidents, staff absence and reductions in efficiency and productivity – all of which can add up to much larger business problems.

How can Simat help?

At Simat, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of warehouse electrical requirements – and, as a starting point, will consider the following when planning a warehouse lighting installation:

  • Light distribution – If your top racks are beautifully illuminated but the lower levels are cast into darkness – then reassessing light distribution is a priority. That said, it’s not just the obvious issues that we consider, shadows, dark spots and areas in which light glare your team are all areas in which accidents are more likely to occur.
  • Light quality – The range of light emitted by different lighting systems varies significantly – and productivity and efficiency is significantly higher where a full spectrum of light colour is the working norm.
  • Fixture positioning – Intelligent fixture placing can maximise the light output across your warehouse and offer you a solution that’s intended for your current operations – not those of the previous occupier.

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Energy Efficiency

As well as being a positive step for health and safety and productivity levels, a modern lighting system in your warehouse can reduce your running costs significantly – with savings of 80%+ not uncommon.

With a huge range of efficient systems available, we will always do our utmost to ensure you see your electricity bills decrease.

Contacting Simat regarding your warehouse lighting

Whether you’ve got a specific new warehouse lighting system in mind – or you’d just like the support of warehouse lighting experts to explore what’s possible, the team here at Simat can help.

Get in touch on 01204 400 696 – or alternatively, email us directly on info@simatelectrical.co.uk – we’re always happy to talk you through a huge range of possibilities and help you find something that’s right for your business.

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