High/Low Bay Lighting Systems

Getting the lighting right in your industrial setting can be difficult, especially given the huge number of considerations that have to be factored into any design or decision. Fortunately, the team at Simat have a vast working knowledge that relates to the finer detail of high/low bay industrial lighting solutions.

Supply and installation of high/low bay lighting

Simat can supply, install and maintain a wide selection of high/low bay lighting options – including the latest low energy LED products.

Your need for high/low bay lighting might be driven by the changing needs of your workspace – or maybe by a desire to save costs in an area that represents a significant amount of most industrial business’s electrical cost.

Whatever your motivation or product requirement, Simat can help.

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Who Needs High/Low Bay Lighting?

Cost and use aren’t the only lighting considerations you need to make if your business operates with any industrial buildings or warehouses. It’s also important to ensure you’re adhering to health and safety law – and maximising your staff productivity.

Health and Safety

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have detailed guidelines on appropriate lighting conditions in the workplace – and there’s no one-size-fits-all, especially in industrial settings where working tasks can be extremely diverse.

For example:

Processing areas in an industrial food production environment should be lit to 590-700 lux illumination. However, the same production line should have a 1180-1400 lux lighting level when products reach an inspection area – ensuring the job can be done easily and to the required standard.

Although those considerations might appeal simple on the surface, it’s also worth remembering that health and safety lighting law also requires that you factor in machinery that could be used across all areas, worker’s eye health when transitioning from area-to-area – and much more.

Staff productivity

Although it might not appear so at first glance, health and safety and worker productivity are closely linked when lighting is concerned.

Being able to quickly and correctly pick, pack, inspect, construct or maintain is done much more efficiently with the right lighting conditions – and minutes that are lost daily can add up to hundreds or even thousands of working hours lost annually.

Complex installations

Industrial building are large – and a variety of operations can be taking place under the same roof, meaning lighting solutions are rarely simple.

Guides to lighting can seem to be complex technical documents for those who aren’t familiar with electrical terms, however, the team here at Simat are just a phone call or email away if you require any support – it’s our business to make sense of your business’s electrical requirements.

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Working with Simat for your high/low bay lighting requirements

Whether you have a high/low bay lighting plan in mind – or you’d just like a conversation with an able, professional and accredited team that can help you to change the lighting in your industrial setting, we’re perfectly positioned to help.

If you’d like to speak to one of our engineers, you can click here, call us during working hours on 01204 400 696 – or email us directly on info@simatelectrical.co.uk. We’re always happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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