3 Phase Distribution

With a wealth of qualifications that relate to the supply and installation of electrical solutions for industry, the team here at Simat are perfectly positioned to support your business with the installation of 3 phase distribution boards and accessories.

What is 3 phase power?

3 phase power is an electricity delivery method that requires specialist infrastructure hardware to implement in a heavy commercial or industrial setting.

Although it’s isn’t apparent when you use an electrical device, electricity is delivered in rapid waves – with around 50-60 waves being supplied by a domestic or business supply every second. While your electronic devices are designed to work with power delivered this way, it’s actually not the most efficient way to supply power.

However, since the cost involved with running domestic and light business electrical devices is relatively low, this ‘single phase’ power is perfectly adequate.

That changes when you consider industrial or large commercial requirements though. Large scale IT equipment and industrial machinery often requires a more constant electrical load to run at an optimum level – and that’s where 3 phase power distribution is utilised.

Rather than having one alternating current, as the name suggests – a 3 phase system provides 3. In doing so, a greater consistency of power is delivered – and what’s more, those 3 currents can be delivered over less-costly wiring and at a lower voltage, making 3 phase power safer and more economic to run.

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Simat and 3 Phase Distribution

The principles of 3 phase distribution are significantly different to those of single phase power – and as such, an electrical contractor should be appropriately qualified and experienced to support your business in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a 3 phase system.

The team here at Simat are exactly that – we have a wide spanning knowledge and experience base that has seen us work with 3 phase power over a wide range of commercial and industrial settings – from large scale commercial IT data centres – to industrial machine lines.


The demands of large commercial and industrial settings are very different to that of most domestic electrical installation jobs – and it’s important to know you’ve got a team on your side who can meet these requirements.

Our full team of engineers are qualified to City and Guilds 2360/2391 and IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edition) standard. Not only that, but the Simat team also carry IPAS, PASMA and CSCS accreditations, meaning we’re capable of working in a variety of complex environments using appropriate access methods fluently as part of our role.

Your 3 phase power distribution needs are in good hands with the Simat team.

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Contacting Simat about 3 phase power distribution

If your business has an electrical requirement that relates to 3 phase power distribution you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss it further.

Whether you’re at the initial planning stage, require support with installation – or simply have a maintenance need relating to an existing system, you can call us on 01204 400 696 or email us at info@simatelectrical.co.uk to discuss it with one of our expert team.

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