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Ensuring safety in the case of a fire or other hazardous situation is paramount – whether you’re a small business or a large industrial operation. Simat Electrical Contractors provide commercial and industrial fire and safety solutions throughout Manchester, Bolton and the wider North West.

What’s more, at Simat, we don’t just blindly install systems that we think are suitable, we have an in depth knowledge of the relevant health and safety legislation that relates to your kind of business. This means that with the team here at Simat, you’re not just working with electricians – instead, you’re working with a team that understands exactly what’s needed to keep you safe and in line with the law.

What’s required by law?

UK law requires businesses to have appropriate fire detection systems in place. While there are some exceptions for very small businesses – virtually all commercial and industrial premises require an electrical fire alarm system that at least warns business occupants in case of fire or smoke.

Since the word ‘appropriate’ is open to interpretation, it’s important that you consult electrical contractors that are experienced in the supply and installation of systems over a range of business and premises types.

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Working With Simat

At Simat, we’ve worked with a huge number of clients to find a system that suits both their needs and their budget. Be aware, there’s no one system that’s going to suit every business – and in fact, even a business similar to your own may have entirely different needs to bring them in line with the law, professional accreditations or insurance compliance.

As such, we’d begin by understanding your specific business – what you do and the level of protection that’s appropriate. We’d consult with you every step of the way – and ultimately, work around you and your organisation when installing.

What can we provide?

We have an extensive working knowledge of a huge range of fire and safety solutions and we’re most often asked to provide the following:

  • Fire alarm systems (conventional, addressable and wireless)
  • Emergency lighting
  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Call points
  • Installation of accessories that have fire rated properties


Not only do we provide the systems – but the team here at Simat help you tick an important box; the competence and knowledge that’s the law requires from any company providing, installing and maintaining your fire safety systems.

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Insurance Compliance

As you’re no doubt aware, commercial and industrial insurance companies often set a stringent set of conditions when they offer insurance cover. In many instances, this will include stipulations around the fire and safety systems your business has in place.

We have an detailed knowledge of insurance company’s expectations and have provided systems designed with insurance compliance in mind for many of our existing clients. No one wants to use their insurance cover – but if you need to, it’s important to make sure your business is compliant.

Contacting Us

Clients contact us for a number of reasons that relate to fire and safety systems. Sometimes, it’s useful to have a competent and professional team look over your current system and assess its suitability – especially when your business grows.

Some clients have a fire and safety system need they’d like to discuss with them – safe in the knowledge we provide solutions that meet with the highest level of industry standards. Also, whether you’re an existing client or someone new – we’re always happy to discuss your maintenance requirements, another important part of keeping your people and business safe.

Whatever your need, you can contact us by calling us on 01204 400 696 or emailing us directly at

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