Fire Alarms Systems Installation

The team here at Simat Electrical Contractors have extensive experience providing and installing commercial fire alarm systems.

UK fire alarm regulations stipulate that all business premises must have an appropriate fire detection system. There are some exceptions to this, but almost all commercial premises in the UK require an electrical system that warns upon the detection of smoke or fire.

Fire safety systems can be a complex area, but the team here can support you to choose an appropriate system based on you specific business needs.

Fire Alarm Grades and Categories

Fire alarm systems come in a variety of ‘grades’ and ‘categories’ – a series of designations that help you to find a system that meets the needs of your business, your insurance providers, the law and any professional standards or accreditations you may wish to hold.

Businesses generally require the installation of a higher grade system when compared to residential premises. This type of system is connected to a central control panel with a battery back-up, increasing the chance of keeping your business protected.

Fire alarm systems are primarily designed to protect the life of building occupants – carrying the designation ‘L’ – however, some types of business will require a category ‘P’ system, which is designed to protect property as well as the life of occupants.

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What Type of Fire Alarm System is Right for You?

As well as fulfilling particular grades and categories, commercial fire alarm systems can be broken down into 3 types:

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

A conventional system breaks your business premises into fairly broad ‘zones’. Should there be smoke or a fire detected in one of these zones, the alarm system will alert you, confirming the zone – but not the precise area.

This type of system is generally recommended for smaller and lower fire risk business premises.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

An addressable system works on a similar principle to a conventional system – but each fire or smoke detection device has an unique address that can be recognised by the alarm panel.

In the instance of a fire, you are alerted to the exact location – helping you to implement the appropriate evacuation procedure. As such, an addressable system is suitable for higher risk environments, or larger premises with greater numbers of occupants.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems operate in a similar manner to addressable systems – and while the alarm panel still requires installation by an approved electrical engineer, the individual smoke and fire detection devices are connected using a secure wireless link – rather than traditional cables.

Simat would recommend wireless systems in buildings where it is not possible or appropriate to install wiring; including protected buildings, churches and some temporary business locations.

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Installing and Maintaining a Fire Alarm System

UK law stipulates that the company you choose to provide and install a commercial fire alarm system should be competent and knowledgeable with the various types of fire alarm available.

The team here at Simat Electrical provide, install and maintain fire alarm systems for a diverse range of businesses and commercial premises. We’re confident that we can support you to find a system that ticks all the appropriate boxes – and most importantly, keeps you, your team and your business safe.

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