Installation of Accessories Which Carry Fire Rated Properties

Although it’s likely to only make a difference in an emergency, understanding the law, guidelines and principles that surround the installation of fire rated electrical accessories is vital if you want to ensure your property and the people using it are safe.

Fortunately the team here at Simat have a detailed understanding of exactly what’s needed – and are only ever a call away.

What are fire rated accessories?

A fire rated accessory is a part of the electrical infrastructure of a building that is designed to prevent the spread of fire or reduce the impact of fire on the premises.

Some examples include:

  • Fire resistant wiring and trunking
  • Intumescent socket and mains box inserts
  • Fire rated recessed lighting
  • Resistant sockets and data points
  • Fire resistant fans and ducting – and intumescent inserts

The method for resisting fire depends on the component, for instance, fire resistant wiring will be made with materials that resist melting or combustion – either by adding or removing chemical elements that make up the different coatings.

On the other hand, trunking, boxes and ducting that make use of intumescent gaskets and foam react differently to fire and heat – with the intumescent element swelling, protecting the material underneath or sealing a cavity through which fire would otherwise spread.

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Halting the Spread of Fire

While it’s natural to think of fire spreading through the doorways and apertures that we use, case studies and fire reports often see fire spreading through the cavities and openings we don’t consider as readily – including those used to route electrical cabling and the other ‘behind the scenes’ building infrastructure.

At Simat, our range of professional accreditations demand that we see more than meets the eye – and it could be the difference between life and death should a fire break out and begin to spread in your property.

Escape routes

Part of our consideration when assessing your property for electrical fire safety would be to understand the layout and help you decide on escape routes. This is an important part of deciding on the design of fire alarm systems and your fire resistant accessory installations.

Escape routes are given special consideration when fire resistant accessories are supplied and fitted – as these areas that need to remain free from fire and smoke longer than the rest of the property – aiding both escape and access by fire services.

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Contacting Simat regarding installation of fire rated accessories

We support businesses around Bolton, Manchester and the wider North West when they require installation of accessories which carry fire rated properties – regardless of whether that’s a single socket or as part of a full building rewire.

Fire safety is vital to your business and the people using it. It can save lives to work with an electrical contractor who is experienced and accredited in the installation of fire rated accessories – and Simat are.

You can speak to one of the team here during office hours by calling 01204 400 696 or emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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