Door Access Control Systems

The team here at Simat electrical have a wide range of experience involving the supply and installation of door access control systems across a host of different workplaces and for a number of applications.

From the initial consultation, to the supply, installation and required maintenance – if your business is based in Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire or the wider North West and needs a door access control system – we can help.

Why do you need door access control?

There are a huge number of reasons you may want to prevent people entering or leaving a particular part of your building. Door access control systems are primarily used for security and are often fitted in the following types of business location:

  • Office spaces where confidential information may be accessed
  • Residential care provisions where medications and information are stored
  • Retail premises, where only authorised staff members should access confidential or dangerous areas
  • Industrial settings where access should be limited on a safety or security basis
  • School and nursery locations where it is important to keep children and staff safe


What’s more, insurance policies and safety accreditations will often stipulate that door access control is in place. If you’re not sure – we can help you to understand the policy’s technical requirements.

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Which System Types are Available?

Door access control systems can commonly be grouped into one of two types:

Standalone systems

A standalone system is most often used on smaller sites and requires each door access to be coded to respond appropriately to a user’s access code, token, card or fob – depending on the type of reader that is fitted.

The nature of this type of system makes it extremely easy to extend should your requirements change.

PC based or networked access control

As the name suggests, a PC based or networked access control system is managed by an onsite user with a software program provided by the system manufacturer. Again, a code, token, card or fob is issued – but access can be granted or limited based on individuals or group requirements.

A network system is a larger scale installation – and as such, Simat would typically suggest this kind of system in larger commercial, industrial, education or healthcare settings.

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Finding a System that is Right for Your Location

The team at Simat can help you select a system that’s right for you – based on your needs, business type, premises and budget.

We are also able to work in a manner that suits your workplace – limited access to doors can present a unique set of difficulties when installation is taking place in an otherwise busy commercial or industrial setting – so we’ll do our utmost to work to a schedule that suits you and minimises disruption and inconvenience.

Beyond installation, we can even support with the training and maintenance that’s required to keep your door access system working safely and smoothly.

Contacting us about a door access control system

If you’d like to talk to us about door access systems in your commercial premises, you can email us directly on, or call us during office hours on 01204 400 696 – your enquiry will always be handled in a prompt, professional and courteous manner.

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