Kitchen and bathroom refurbishments

It’s almost inevitable that a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment will require some alteration to electrical lighting and power in the room. The team here at Simat have worked as part of many kitchen and bathroom refits – and we can provide all the electrical support you need when you’re making changes.

Working in bathrooms and kitchens

The nature of a bathroom or kitchen is different to virtually any other space in the house. The combination of electricity, heat, steam and water can make for a hazardous environment if electrics aren’t exactly right.

Not only that, but more than half of all house fires begin in the kitchen – but the proper installation and use of electricity can help to prevent this.

As such, Part P of UK Building Regulations lay out special requirements for electrical works in these areas. You can rest easy knowing that the full Simat team are qualified to this and NICEIC standard – meaning we’re frequently assessed to ensure our work keeps you, your family and your property 100% safe.

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The humidity of a bathroom can present problems if the equipment you choose isn’t up to the job. Not only can we help you plan how your new bathroom will work around your electrics – but we can suggest suitable products too, including:

  • The correct type of light fittings and switches
  • Appropriate shaver sockets
  • Suitable electric heating solutions
  • Electric shower units

Building regulations also require metallic bathroom pipework to be ‘earthed’ using the appropriate size earth wire. A bathroom refurbishment is a perfect time for one of the Simat team to make sure this is done.


Planning and making electrical changes in kitchens is an area that’s difficult to navigate – owing to a great number of rules and regulations that relate to distances between certain elements – and accessibility in the case of an emergency.

In short, the electrical requirements that run alongside having a kitchen refurbishment can be tricky – but with an experienced and accredited electrical contractor on your side, all the stress and complication disappears!

Whatever element of the kitchen refurbishment you need support with, we can help, including:

  • Working alongside other professionals and yourself to plan the layout and installation
  • Providing a huge range of components, devices and appliances to suit your needs
  • Planning, providing and installing a variety of lights and lighting options

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Working with you

We know how difficult it can be if you’re made to live without your bathroom or kitchen for any period of time. Therefore, we’ll always do our best to work around you and your household – even if that means we have to work longer days than normal to ensure works are done quickly, minimising your disruption.

Contacting Simat about Kitchen and Bathroom refurbishment

Whether you’re planning a new kitchen or bathroom in the future – or you need a qualified electrician for some urgent support for on-going work, the Simat team can help. You can contact us by calling 01204 400 696 or emailing us on

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