Fuse Board Upgrades

As experienced domestic electricians the team at Simat often replace fuse boards in people’s homes – and, as the central hub in a domestic electric system, it’s vital that the work is done by electrical contractors who meet the appropriate standards and have an excellent level of experience.

If the fuse board in your home needs replacing or upgrading – we can help.

What is a fuse board?

A fuse board might also be referred to as either a ‘fusebox’ or ‘consumer unit’. In essence, it’s the piece of hardware that controls and distributes electricity in your home.

A modern fuse board is a plastic outer housing that contains the following:

  • A mains switch: this is a switch that allows you to shut off the entire electric supply to your house.
  • Residual current devices (RCDs): these are devices which monitor specific circuit wiring to make sure current is not escaping – e.g. through a damaged or incorrectly installed electrical device that could represent the risk of electrocution.
  • Circuit breakers: these break the electrical circuit if the demand for electricity gets too high – e.g. if too many electrical devices are plugged into the same circuit. Circuit breakers are designed to prevent overloading of wires and devices, thus preventing electrical fires.

In some cases, fuses can be found in the place of circuit breakers. Fuses are like single use circuit breakers – with a piece of fuse wire that melts if the current becomes too high – protecting the connected devices.

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Why do fuse boards need replacing?

Fuse boards often need replacing due to age and the changing electrical requirements we have in modern homes.

Technology has taken huge steps forward – even in the last 20 years. Where homes once needed just the basic electrical infrastructure, we now have a far greater number of electrical devices – consuming a much larger amount of electricity. This can lead to overloaded fuse boards.

Occasionally we also find fuse boards that have deteriorated over time. A fuse board in poor condition will often also need to be replaced. What’s more, a fuse board should be up to the standard of the other electrics in the house, hence, if they’re upgraded, a fuse board upgrade is often also needed.

Don’t take shortcuts

Occasionally, individuals – and sometimes even other professionals – will offer to complete a fuse board upgrade, despite not carrying the appropriate accreditations, qualifications or insurance cover.

Never let someone who is not an approved electrician do electrical work in your home. The risks are significant; not only could you be jeopardising the lives of the people in your house, you could also find yourself breaching the conditions of household insurance cover – which could lead to significant material losses in the case of a fire.

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Contacting Simat about a fuse board upgrade

If your fuse board needs to be upgraded or replaced, give us a call on 01204 400 696, email us on info@simatelectrical.co.uk to get in touch. We’re accredited, experienced electricians who will keep your home safe.

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