Fault Finding

If you have an electrical fault somewhere in your property it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for someone without the right qualification and experience to track down and fix.

The full Simat team are qualified and capable for finding electrical faults in even the most sophisticated electrical systems. If you think you have an electrical issue, help is just a call away.

What is a ‘fault’

A ‘fault’ is the name given to any type of electrical issue that results from an abnormal current. In most domestic settings this represents a circuit that is permanently or frequently disabled by a circuit breaker – indicating that there is a problem with the current somewhere in that circuit.

Faults can come from a number of different incidents, but can include:

  • Poor connection at a terminal
  • Completely broken connection at a terminal
  • Worn, damaged or defective electrical accessories

To detect if any of these – and a variety of other factors could be causing the fault, a systematic approach is taken to fault finding.

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Finding the Fault

The Simat team will begin by conducting a visual inspection of fixtures and fittings around the home. During this initial check we’ll look for signs of burning, heat damage and water damage that may have impacted the electrics in the house.

If there’s nothing that we can see with this thorough visual inspection, we will use specialist equipment that’s calibrated to detect abnormal currents or other issues in the electrical infrastructure of your home.

You can be assured that if there’s an electrical fault in your home, we will find it.

Fixing the problem

We understand how frustrating it can be to have an electrical problem that’s preventing you from using your home normally. As such, we always attend and work as quickly as we can to find the problem.

We’ll work around you to find the issue – then, we’ll let you know what’s involved to remedy it as quickly as possible, we always produce detailed quotes and explain necessary work in plain, jargon-free language. When the issue is fixed, we provide you with the certification needed to confirm the work has been done to the high, legally required, standard.

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Using the right company

If you suspect you have a fault in your home it’s vital that you use a reputable and qualified electrical contractors to solve to the problem. A ‘handy-man’ or friend with a small amount of electrical knowledge cut put themselves, you and your property in danger if they fail to see a significant issue.

Electrical issues can occur. They can cause fires and electrocution if not handled properly. Don’t take shortcuts with electricity, the Simat team are all NICEIC approved domestic installers, with the extensive experience and correct equipment required to find and fix electrical faults in your home.

Contacting Simat

If you have an electrical fault it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible – doing so will keep you safe and prevent further problems occurring. You can call us on 01204 400 696 or email us at info@simatelectrical.co.uk. We’ll work quickly to help.

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