Electric Shower Installation

The Simat team can supply and install a huge range of electric showers for your home. What’s more, we may be able to repair or adjust an existing electric shower unit. If you’ve got an electric shower need – we can help.

The benefits of an electric shower

Electric showers are a great option for a number of reasons. Firstly, from user’s point of view, they produce hot water quickly and consistently with just the press of a button or the turn of a dial.

From a tradesperson’s point of view – they’re also much easier to work with than many of the alternatives! An electric shower casing has a variety of possible entry points for cabling and pipework, which means they can often work with the existing fittings in your bathroom.

This ease of fitting obviously reduces the amount of work that’s required – including any messy and lengthy plastering, tiling and other adjustments. For this reason, electric showers are often a quick way to get your bathroom up and running.

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Choosing an electric shower

Choosing a shower will depend on your needs and budget, but generally speaking, the higher the wattage of the shower you choose, the more powerful your water flow. If you’ve got a shower in mind we can quote to fit it – alternatively, we can provide a shower that meets your requirements exactly.

There are a variety of shower feature options. If you have a family you don’t need telling what happens if someone runs water elsewhere in the house when you’re in the shower! With an electric shower that has thermostatic temperature control or stability, this is no longer a problem – as the flow and temperature of the water is managed by the shower unit entirely.

Wider electric considerations

Although fitting a shower is a relatively simple job for a qualified electrician, the job will extend into your wider electrical system somewhat.

To ensure electrical safety in the house, the circuit that a shower runs from should be adequately protected with the appropriate circuit breaker in your fuse board or consumer unit. Not only that, but the wiring that runs from the fuse board to the shower should be suitable for the new shower too.

While these things are second nature to the Simat team, they will not be to someone who isn’t adequately qualified. Don’t take short cuts when you have electrical items fitted in your home – especially not in specialist areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

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Fitting a shower in your home

The fitting of an electric shower can normally be done quickly and without any major system alterations. However, we understand that the bathroom is an important part of anyone’s day – so we endeavour to work quickly and with minimal disruption, so you can get back to your normal daily routine!

Contacting Simat about electric shower installation

Whether you’d like a quote for shower fitting, some information on the types of electric shower available or just an idea of what might be possible for your bathroom, we can help. You can get in touch by emailing us on info@simatelectrical.co.uk or calling on 01204 400 696.

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