Cooker Circuits

Whether you prefer electric, gas, fan assisted or otherwise, the type of cooker you choose will always involve some connection work for a qualified electrician. At Simat we can get you connected quickly, making sure every safety consideration is ticked off along the way.

Choosing a cooker

The type of cooker you choose will often simply come down to your personal choice. Understandably, a cooker that uses gas will generally be more-costly to fit, owing to the fact strict gas safety guidelines will be required to complement the electrical safety we can ensure.

Fitting a cooker

A cooker will almost certainly require a cooker control unit. This is the switch that’s often mounted near to the cooker, allowing the user to cut all power should a problem occur. Using a cooker control unit is preferable to simply wiring a plug and connecting the cooker to a standard socket for two significant reasons:

  1. Firstly, the cooker control unit will be wired and installed in such a way that places it somewhat out of the way of the cooking area – and never above it. This is done intentionally, as a fire or fault with a cooker would make it dangerous to be near or move. When a simple plug and socket is used, it can be difficult to access and isolate the cooker.
  2. Secondly, a cooker control unit is a very neat way of connecting your cooker. Trailing wires are instead routed internally, keeping your kitchen tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

The cooker control unit should match the energy rating of the cooker – and strict technical guidelines should be followed when it’s fitted.

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Wider electrical circuit considerations

A cooker is a large item that has the potential to draw a significant amount of electricity. As such, the electrical infrastructure around it should be capable of handling this. At your fuse box/consumer unit, the correct circuit breaker should be installed – and the correct size wiring should make up the circuit.

Ensuring electrical safety

Fitting a cooker is something that should always be done by a qualified and experienced electrical contractor. The full Simat team are NICEIC approved – which means our working practices, paperwork, equipment and knowledge will always meet a standard which ensures your safety.

Don’t be tempted to have someone without the appropriate qualifications and accreditations fit a cooker in your home. While it might look quick and appealing in the short-term, doing so incorrectly could lead to the appliance being damaged, unreliable or simply not working. Worse still, the majority of house fires start in the kitchen – and having an incorrectly fitted cooker only increases this risk.

Make sure you, your family and your property is safe by choosing Simat Electricians.

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Contacting Simat about a cooker circuit installation

If you’re installing a new cooker and want to make sure the circuit is up to the job, we can help. Give us a call on 01204 400 696, click here or email us directly on We’re always happy to discuss your needs in more detail.

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