Additional Sockets

The humble plug socket is often taken for granted in our homes – but adding them isn’t always as simple as it looks.

Fortunately, Simat can help – and our extensive range of qualifications and accreditations means we do so with the utmost level of safety at the heart of every job we complete.

Why would you need extra sockets?

Our homes often change, whether that’s the location of furniture, the additional of electrical devices and home entertainment systems – or even the repurposing of rooms without any building work.

When our homes get rearranged or added to, our electrical infrastructure sometimes needs change – and relying on extension cables can be untidy – and in some instances, just not as safe as plugging straight into a dedicated socket.

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Who can add sockets to a home?

There are some small electrical jobs that don’t, by law, require an electrician to complete or certify. In some instances – but not all – adding a socket can considered one of these jobs.

‘Part P’ is the name given to the section of building regulations that cover fixed electrical installations in a dwelling. In simple terms, these regulations say that additional sockets or light fittings can be added without certification, providing:

  • Work is not in a kitchen or special location and does not involve a special installation
  • Work consists of adding socket-outlets and fused spurs to an existing ring or radial circuit
  • Work consists of adding light switches to an existing circuit
  • The existing circuit protective device (RCD/circuit breaker) provides adequate protection for the modified circuit.

What’s more, a series ‘special locations’ are defined in Part P regulations, precluding a DIYer from doing work in a number of specialist environments or with non-standard devices and installations.

So, while technically adding a socket can be done by someone competent in DIY, the person needs to have a detailed understand of the electrical system that they’re adding to – as this is the only way that you can be certain the law is being followed and everyone’s safety is ensured.

What additional work needs to be done?

Adding a socket almost always some ‘first fixing’ work – i.e. making slight alterations to the walls to accommodate the new socket.

If someone inexperienced tackles this work, they stand a chance of damaging the existing electrical wiring that is contained in that space. Simat often attend work that has been started by well-meaning DIY enthusiasts – but as turned quickly into an electrical problem they can’t fix.

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Any Doubt?

If you’re in any doubt whatsoever about your ability to add a socket, don’t take the risk.

The team at Simat a NICEIC accredited, which means our procedures, current work, equipment and knowledge all stand up to constant scrutiny. Mishandling electricity can take lives and properties very quickly, so it pays to use a reputable and experienced electrician.

Contacting us

If you’d like to talk to us about adding a socket in your home – you can get in touch with us by calling 01204 400 696 or emailing on We offer exactly the same level of professionalism and eye for detail, no matter how small the job at hand.

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