Office Lighting and Power

The team here at Simat are experienced at meeting the lighting and power needs that go hand-in-hand with running a successful office space.

Whether you’re a small team occupying a single room office – or a huge business centre with different departments, areas and complex requirements – our expertise means we’re certain we’ll be able to meet your needs.

Why does office lighting matter?

Planning the lighting in a workplace is a relatively complex task with a number of considerations to take into account, including:

  • Glare caused on work stations and equipment by high powered lighting
  • The colour and warmth of lighting
  • Contrast between lighting in different office areas
  • The working tasks taking place in particular areas
  • Employee control over lighting conditions

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) create best practice guidelines for lighting in workplaces – and failing to provide the right conditions could leave you in breach of health and safety law – or at the very least, see reduced productivity and efficiency across your work force.

It’s worth noting that HSE guidance is somewhat open to interpretation and can’t consider the diverse conditions in every work environment – if you want to be certain that you’re operating safely and with maximum efficiency, there’s no substitute for seeking professional electrical advice.

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Why Does Office Power Matter?

When considering how electricity should be delivered in an office setting it’s vital that an electrical contractor designs and works with The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) in mind – a large and in depth document that details how to maintain the utmost levels of workplace safety for you, your team and anyone else who accesses your space.

Not only is this document a legal requirement, failure to adhere to it’s regulations is likely to leave you in breach of your insurance conditions, leaving you and your business dangerously exposed.

Similar to lighting requirements, there are unlikely to be two office buildings with exactly the same electrical requirements – that’s why the team here at Simat will always begin by gathering an understanding of your unique electrical needs.

What can Simat provide?

Office lighting and power is a large subject – so the first thing we aim to do is remove any guess-work from the equation. We can discuss how your business requirements fit with the law and what we can provide as electrical contractors – then create a design that ticks every box.

It doesn’t matter what stage your office environment is at – whether you’d like some support in checking then making the most of the existing electrical infrastructure – or whether you’d like to go back to the drawing board and make things perfect for you, we’re able to work around your business and your team to deliver an electrical solution to fit your business and your budget.

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Contacting Simat

Whether you have a specific office electrical requirement in mind – or you’d just like the support of an experienced team who can walk you through some possibilities, we can help – and you can always be sure of a professional and quick response.

To get in touch click here – or email directly on If you’d rather speak to us on the telephone, you can get in touch with us during office hours on 01204 400 696.

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