CCTV and Alarm Systems

CCTV Installations Bolton-minAlthough every organisation is unique – there’s one thing that’s universally important – making sure your business is safe and secure.

At Simat, we have a proven track record of supplying, installing and maintaining security systems that do exactly that – and can offer expert security advice if you’re looking to do the same.

What do Simat provide?

Business security should be approached in two ways – prevention and detection – and our range of CCTV and alarm supply, installation and maintenance services cover these two important aspects of keeping your organisation safe and secure.

We have a broad range of experience recommending and installing both alarms and CCTV equipment.

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Alarm Systems

There are a variety of alarm systems on the market and the team here can discuss your needs before helping you to choose a solution that’s right for you and your business:

  • Bell-only alarms are the entry point to the alarm market – they make a noise if an intruder is detected, but do not alert the business or the police.
  • Dialler alarms generally also make a noise – as well as being programmed to contact a nominated person via call or SMS text message if the alarm is triggered.
  • Internet connected smart alarms are usually connected to an app or security system monitored by one of your team and generally provide a more robust service than just relying on phone contact.
  • An alarm system that’s tied to a monitoring contract connects your alarm to a specialist security company or local police call centre who will react if your alarm is triggered.

As well as satisfying your businesses requirements for security – you may also find that your insurance company requires a particular level of alarm system for them to offer cover. If you’re not 100% certain, or your policy requirements are technical, we’re always happy to help you find a product that ticks the right boxes.


Whether you want to deter criminals, make sure you have evidence that will help prosecute – or even just have eyes on your business while you’re not there, a CCTV system could be ideal.

CCTV has a multitude of potential uses:

  • Protect against theft
  • Deter vandalism and criminal activity on your premises
  • Monitor stock access, stock levels and transactions
  • Provide peace of mind for carpark users
  • Observe business areas that are not staffed so your team can react to customer needs
  • Images accessible off your mobile phone and app with notifications
  • 1080p quality

For privacy and data protection reasons, the Information commissioner’s Office (ICO) regulates the use of CCTV – if you’re unsure whether CCTV is appropriate – or whether there’s a system available that would fulfil your business needs, we can help.

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Contacting Simat about CCTV and Alarms

If you have a commercial premises in Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire or the wider North West and have a CCTV or alarm requirement – we’d be happy to discuss your needs in more detail. When you talk to the team here at Simat, you’re guaranteed a professional and courteous service – from a hard working team that adapt to your business needs.

You can speak to us on 01204 400 696, click here to contact us – or email us directly on

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