Car Parks and Perimeter Lighting

The team here at Simat have a wealth of experience designing and installing lighting solutions for car parks and commercial property perimeters.

If your premises includes a car park or has perimeter – defined or otherwise – having appropriate lighting solutions in place can be a vital part of ensuring safety, security and establishing what is your property.

What’s more, upgrading existing lighting solutions can often mean significant reductions in electricity costs – owing to the increasing effectiveness and reducing cost of LEDs. Whether it’s saving money, improving security, bolstering safety or simply outlining your space – Simat can help.

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Car Park Lighting

Although the light requirement for a car park may seem simple – there’s actually more to the lighting design that might immediately be apparent.

Car park lighting should:

  • Make sure carpark users are safe and feel safe
  • Allow drivers to navigate the carpark without glare
  • Not intrude onto neighbouring properties
  • Illuminate any necessary task areas (payment points, etc)

Lighting in smaller car parks is usually delivered from the perimeter – whereas larger carparks tend to have tall lighting columns in more central locations. From a safety point of view, any lighting solution should also be protected from vehicle impacts.

Legal guidelines stipulate appropriate illumination levels – not least due to driver visual safety when moving from lighting outside and inside your car park.

Although carpark designs may be similar, factors that impact electrical design can’t be underestimated. As such, car park lighting design should be a project undertaken with the input of professionals who can advise on electrical design, health and safety and practicality.

Perimeter lighting

Similar to car park lighting, your choice of light for a perimeter fence, wall or marking requires more than might first meet the eye.

When designing a perimeter lighting solution, the team at Simat will consider:

  • Anticipated use of the area
  • Any security requirement (lighting for CCTV systems, etc)
  • Health and safety
  • Light overspill into neighbouring properties
  • Availability and practicality of wiring infrastructure

…along with any specific business requirements that are particular to you.

As well as being able to tailor a design to suit your needs perfectly, we always supply high quality components, meaning your perimeter lighting needs can be met with a selection of traditional, solar and LED lighting options.

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Working With Other Professionals

Car park design and construction is a job that often requires a team of professionals to execute. Such environments are second nature to the team here at Simat – so you can be sure we’ll fit into your team perfectly.

What’s more, our full team carries IPAF, PASMA and CSCS accreditation – meaning working at height, the use of access towers and construction site work is never a problem.

Contacting Simat with Car Park and Perimeter Lighting Needs

Whether you’ve got a specific car park or perimeter lighting solution in mind – or would like some help from experienced lighting experts, we’re always happy to help. You can contact us on 01204 400 696 during office hours, email use directly on – or click here to get in touch.

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