Fire alarm call points

Fire alarm call points are a common site around hospitals, libraries, schools and other public buildings – they’re the red boxes on the wall that ask you to ‘break glass’ in the case of a fire.

Fire safety guidelines stipulate that call points are fitted in certain industrial settings – not only can the team at Simat can give you a detailed overview of exactly what your building’s requirements should be but we can supply and install a range of suitable solutions.

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Which fire alarm system is right for you?

The guidelines and laws around fire alarm systems can be difficult to navigate – especially for commercial and industrial buildings. Essentially, the layout and specific contents of your building may require manual call points that would alert the rest of your building’s users to a fire emergency.

Fire alarm systems are graded according to the level of risk in a building – based on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the lowest risk and 5 being the highest.

They also carry a ‘category’ of either ‘L’ – which is a system designed purely to protect the life of building users – and ‘P’ which will also protect against damage to property. Avoiding damage to property in industrial premises is generally required when fire damage to that property would represent an additional risk – stored chemicals for instance.

Where a recommended category/grade of fire alarm system also carries an ‘M’ designation, this indicates that manual call points should also be installed, for example:

An ‘L3’ system would indicate that an automatic alarm would suffice, whereas an ‘L3/M’ system would indicate that additional manual call points are required.

What does a manual call point do?

Particularly in more complex buildings, a manual call point system effectively makes any building users into part of the fire detection system. Call points are installed at regular intervals throughout the building and connected to the fire alarm control panel.

If pressed, the control panel shows an alert in the area of the activated call point – allowing the a designated person chance to assess the fire risk.

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Correct Installation

While you might not give a great deal of thought to the manual call point installations you’ve previously seen – someone has, as each installation must fit the specific requirements of the building, it’s use and the people who are going to be using it.

The team at Simat have the appropriate qualifications and experience needed to make sure your manual call points are placed correctly – satisfying health and safety law, your insurance provider’s requirements and, above all, keeping your premises users safe.

Would you like to talk to us about call points?

Although call points are generally installed as part of a fire alarm system it’s not uncommon for them to be added after the initial installation – especially if premises use has changed.

If you’re based in Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire or the North West and have a call point requirement why not give us a call, we can talk you through your options. If it’s during office hours you’re welcome to call us on 01204 400 696. If it’s outside office hours you can email us on to get in touch.

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