Air conditioning and heating supplies

At Simat Electrical Contractors we have an excellent level of knowledge and experience relating to the supply and installation of air conditioning and heating for commercial and industrial business premises.

If you’re an organisation in the Bolton, Lancashire, Greater Manchester or general North West area and have an electrical air conditioning or heating requirement – we can help.

The temperature in your workplace

If you have an indoor workspace the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) your premises are covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992) – meaning you have a legal obligation to maintain a ‘reasonable’ temperature for your staff team.

As with many HSE regulations, the specific temperature depends on the kind of work that occurs in your organisation – but is generally between 13-16 degree Celsius as a minimum. Upper temperatures are again subjective – but even in high temperature environments, appropriate controls and assessments should be in place.

Health and safety around workplace temperature can be a tricky area to get right – which is why having experienced heating and air conditioning electrical consultants working by your side can be key to keeping your business moving.

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Air Conditioning

Although people most commonly associate air conditioning with cooling the air – many modern systems offer cooling and heating solutions – making them perfect for the changeable weather we see in the UK.

Designed, installed and operated correctly, an air conditioning system can prove to be a far more energy efficient heating or cooling solution than many other options on the market – with sophisticated controls that careful regulate the speed of the compressors powering the system to produce the exact temperatures required.

What’s more, depending on your specific premises, some air conditioning systems can ‘even out’ the heat across the building, meaning if half your building sees the sun and is warm, while the other half sits cold in the shade, the intelligent system can direct the existing warm or cool air to provide a comfortable working environment in the most energy efficient manner.


Air conditioning systems aren’t the only way maintaining heating in commercial or industrial premises – and we know that the reality of running a business in Northern England is that we all rely on heating more than cooling to keep our homes and workplaces comfortable!

At Simat, we provide a number of heating solutions, from boilers to commercial warm air units and radiant heaters. If you’d like your workplace to be warmer – we can suggest a number of ways that will suit your requirements and budget.


An important part of keeping the temperature in your workplace comfortable is following the appropriate maintenance schedule for your heating and cooling systems.

The frequency of maintenance required will depend on your operations – but the team here at Simat can put together a plan that makes sure you’re always in line with the law – and any insurances or accreditations you strive for.

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Green energy efficiency

There’s an increasing pressure on businesses to operate with environmentally sound practice at the heart of their operations – and for most businesses, the amount of energy consumed each year is a major factor in green working methods.

If you’d like to be more energy efficient, whether that’s because of government expectations or incentives – or just a general feeling that your business could do more, we can advise on exactly how you can do so with your electrical infrastructure.

Contacting Simat regarding air conditioning or heating supplies

Whatever your air conditioning or heating system requirement, we carry the right level of accreditation and experience to help.

If you’d like to speak to us during business hours you can call on 01204 400 696, alternatively – you’re always welcome to email us at

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